September 11, 2011

[G's 1st performance on stage]

G recently performed on stage as part of her ballet school's bi-annual event. It was entitled the World of Dance and she was in the Gypsy dance segment. It was a great eye-opener for her, she got to see how things worked in a theatre, how the various dancers looked all madeup and 'performer-ey', and best of all, she got to put on make up and get all dolled up to the nines!! She was beyond thrilled! However, it was also one of the worst experience I ever had with the school. Before this, I've already had "issues" with the way the school admin worked, they were super disorganised and could never get the correct information to the parents on time. Plus her teacher was often not around and a relief teacher in her place. So, imagine the day-to-day inefficiency but magnified like a zillion times in the performance event. First off, the girls had to be holed up in a teeny tiny dressing room from 11am to 11pm!!! 12 whole hours!!! If I wasn't a parent volunteer, I would never have realised this. No idea why this had to happen. Worst of all, nobody from the school organisation was in charge of the whole backstage babysitting, just me and 3 other hapless mums, who were totally unprepared for the scale of our tasks ahead! I have taken videos of this totally inhumane situation and plan to definitely write in to vent. Probably would just be brushed under their dis-organisation and be written off as another neurotic parent. The best quote of the evening - (from a disgruntled parent) - "what sort of Attitude do you call this!!!" (the ballet school is called Attitude Performing Arts) lol.....

Griping aside, G was so cute in her costume, all pretty and demure (except when all hell broke loose with 34 of her friends in the dressing room!) She was busy telling all her friends that daddy used to play in all the performances before when he was in the band.
Here are the pics:
So thrilled to be putting on lipstick. I think her first time doing so!
Doing her makeup and hair - Guess where K is! :)
K was so excited too! Cos ku ku was bringing her out on her own special date that day - to watch Smurfs the movie! Look at her expression! She was soooo happy :)
Can't wait for her sister to finish up with the whole makeup process so that she could be on her own adventure! Thanks to P for babysitting K the whole time we were with G at her performance, and also letting her "camp over". She is already planning her next sleepover!

So after all that, here are the pix of the little performer:
My little gypsy girl
Getting into her poses
The can-can pose
Love this one!
So grown up... can't believe she'll be in P1 next year! Time flies....
One of the last decent poses before she slips into the G that we know and love....Starting to clown around as usual....
Monkey face!
See, I was not joking about holing them up in this teeny tiny room!! It was soo ridiculous that they all needed to be IN COSTUME, FULLY MADE UP, a full 3 hours before show time!!!! Bad organisation or what! grrrrr......

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