September 21, 2011

[Perfect summer weather for.....]

Lately, the weekends have been very breezy and so it was great to spend time outdoors. We went to another portion of the ECP last sunday, right in front of the Road Safety Park (I remember going there as a kid and spending a very fun and educational afternoon driving little gokarts on miniature roads. The mini petrol stations and tiny traffic lights are still there although the go-karts are gone!) This part of the beach had nice temperate looking trees, which provided shade over the whole afternoon. The girls of course loved it and I wish i brought a more comfy mat to lie on to take an afternoon nap!
YUMS. snacks by the beach... what a life!
She looks 6 here.....
and about 12 here!!!
Doesn't she look really grown up? Slow down please baby!

Also, K's been asking since about 4 months ago - when is my bday coming. Now that it is only a month away, she has been stepping up on all the bday prep. Of course we had to take some pictures for the invite :)

i'm going to be "four"
no "five"
haha... actually 4!

I've also gotten back into pottery. It is quite a time consuming process, as I have to drop of the pots to be bisque fired, then go back again to glaze them, and finally to collect them! Let's hope the next time I visit the clay studio will not be in another 5 weeks!!!

Loving the way the glaze slowly gets absorbed into the clay.
Can't wait to see the final outcome!
Another work in progress.... this is inspired by some of the fabulous fabric seen online!Lastly, really proud of all the little plants on my roof top patio that I haven't managed to kill! :) Does anybody know of a non-insecticide way of killing off ants? There are tons on the herbs.

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