October 05, 2011

[A year older.....]

Thanks all for all your wonderful birthday wishes!! It was a little quiet celebration dinner on the actual day with my parents and over the weekend, we had sunday free for a super mini celebration - just us and the girls.
V being the person that knows me best, gave me a little surprise bday pressie - an icecream making workshop!! It was the perfect gift - combining the eating of desserts (yum!) my favorite activity (cooking!) and 3 whole hours of "me" time!! We made a total of 4 little tubs to bring home, plus recipes for 6 different varieties (and methods) of making icecream. Who knew icecream could be made so easily!! Of course I then spent the afternoon making even MORE icecream at home...

Here's some pix:
Ice cream buffet... yums!
Making the double chocolate icecream
Cooking the custard
A very happy me after the class is over with my spoils :) And 2 very eager tasters!

Below some pix of the girls at our mini celebration lunch...
K enjoying her complimentary icecream with the free kid's meal at Brussels Sprouts.... A really great deal if you have kids and if you like mussels and frittes! This was the one really near one of my projects at Robertson Quay, will definitely try out the one in East Coast Park soon as well....

The girls looking for an avenue to workout all those carbs and sugar after the lunch!
K in her super cute jeans and hand-me-down pink converse

During the week, we took a break from work to look at some museum offerings. It is a good way to rejuvenate the mind, and whilst doing so, clear up some cobwebs for some new inspiration.

These were taken at the museum at UCC. A new find by V when G was having her ballet concert.
Archival display circa the early 19th century
Totally worth a visit for a good quiet afternoon of musing around long forgotten artefacts. The concept of the exhibition is really interesting too - it was all about how a museum came into being - raises really interesting questions on colonial thinking and strategies.

K's birthday card to me... :) Love the sketches as usual....

A preview of K's princess cake for her celebrations in school tomorrow..... More of that in a later post!! :) The cakes are store bought but everything else was made this afternoon!!

Last but not least, the past few months, we have been working on this project.... by a fellow blogger / designer mum I whose blog whom i've been lurking on for months! She's a brilliant person and the images of the apartment shows it at it's best. Looking forward to the fully styled photos (a 1st for us!) and working together on future projects!

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