October 19, 2011

[the enchanted forest]

You might remember not too long ago, we brought the girls to the nearby Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. I might have let slip that it was going to be the Enchanted Forest, hence the total lack of excitement and anti-climatic outcome of that particular visit!! hah.... So, last weekend, we chanced upon the same nature reserve, but at a different part. O! The thrill of discovering something so unexpected and so good! The girls were over the moon. We, loved the serenity and calmness of it all.
Here are the pics:
It was sneaker day
K with her trademark "bossy" pose
Checking out the spider webs
A view at the end of the walk - what a nice clearing!
The girls started drawing on the bench with water...
The artwork.. i love how they can just amuse themselves so easily!
Preview of a future teenage "gei lek" (swagger) ?!?
The best part has to be the playground!!
K loving the swings
It almost feels as if we were in a temperate country like Japan... except for the weather of course!
Nestled in the rainforest is this fantastic slide.....
Down down down....
and Up Up Up!
My little monkey :)

Definitely coming back again.... most likely this weekend!

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