November 01, 2011

[Another month is over!]

Wow, can't believe that it is now November, just 1 more month away from the last month of the year!!! Gosh. time flies by sooo quick. We are relishing the cool cool weather and getting out for a large part of the weekend. Our typical weekend goes like this :
Saturday - Ballet in the morning for G while me and K enjoy our leisurely breakfast whilst waiting for G. Lunch after our weekly grocery shop and then onto some R&R at the library. It is then back home for K's nap while G reads and finishes her library books (!) and all too soon it is time for Gym lessons in the late afternoon / early evening. Our strategy was to schedule all classes on Sat so that Sun will be a "free" day. Normally up super early, the girls are our very vocal alarm clocks and they drag us out of bed by 8am (if we're lucky!) Morning is an outdoor activity - westcoast playground, sentosa, east coast park..... and either we head indoors for the library (if we have not gone on Sat), or perhaps a playdate at a friend's, or lately, we have "discovered" afternoon movie treats at the club :)
Here's the pictorial diary :
We had an unexpected treat of visiting the funfair at MGS after ballet last weekend....
It was an expensive and hot afternoon for me, but of course the girls had the time of their lives...Candy floss and carousel rides.... what more can little girls want!Later that evening, we skipped Gym classes for a wonderful time at Auntie S's place.
G was a magician's helperFabulous cupcakes from HERE.... (they are the best tasting cupcakes I've had.. hands down)

Hot hot hot!! at West Coast Park.... we LOVE these swings :)The girls and V
G enjoying the swing in the hot sun!
Me and the girls :)

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