November 16, 2011

[last day of kindie]

Tomorrow will be the girls end of year concert, and G's graduation concert from her kindie. Both of them are super excited about the concert, G especially, she has been telling everybody that it will be a super "special" concert cos it'll be the 1st time she's GRADUATING!! She literally "grew up" at Bethany, where she first attended as a super blur and rather obnoxious 2yr old little tot! Hard to believe that this is the same 'baby-face' girl who was decked in those cute bloomer shorts and pinnie :) Look at her now! I wish I could just let her know - cherish those moments, cherish your friends, your teachers.... life is going to get slightly harder from now on! But of course, she's so so anxious to grow up, to be a big girl, to do all the big girl things. I just want her to slow down and not grow up so quick!!

I recently attended the last excursion of the term (and year!). Managed to capture all these fleeting moments as they enjoyed themselves so thoroughly. I must remember to make time to attend more of these as the delight in the girls faces when I said I was tagging along was absolutely priceless :)
The Peace class children - most of whom have also 'grown up' in the same kindie.
Best friends!!

The girl gangs!
Her 'boyfriend' M who used to ask her "will you marry me grace?" when they were wee 4 yr olds... of course I had to almost drag him over to take a pic with her now!
Look at that face! hilarious!
Little ones...
becoming Not so little ones.... too quickly!
awww.... she was soo happy I was there for excursion!

over the weekend, we baked some cupcakes
in princess cupcake liners no less.
and.... I finally completed my necklace!!
Here's a pic of me wearing it :)

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