November 25, 2011

[movie nite!!]

Thanks to the nice people at Sony Pictures and the even nicer people at Qais consulting, we were given a whole bunch of tickets to preview the movie - Arthur Christmas.

Ever wondered how Santa manages to deliver the presents to every child all over the world? This movie starts with a really interesting question that is on every child's lips come christmas. It definitely was on the girls - same as the tooth fairy questions :) But I suppose because Santa is always depicted as some western big beard man, they don't really "believe" in his existence as much as those little kids in the west. It was a totally enjoyable show though, the girls totally loved the fact that it was in 3D - it was their first 3D movie - and they looked so adorable in the little kid-sized 3D glasses. I quite enjoyed it too! There were a lot of special effects, lots of fantastic sets, and the characters were great... totally believable and very heartwarming.
Here's some pix from the press pack :
The girls LOVED the elves, they all had little personalities that were really cute - there's even an "indian-sounding" IT elf! haha....
Santa's behind the scenes operations on Christmas Eve
The elves and Arthur - the protagonist who is Santa's youngest son
Arthur again....
Santa's command centre - it was a delight for the girls - i keep forgetting they grow up in a digital age and something like that is just so believable to them!

The more familiar Christmassey mood sets - the richness in colour was incredible in 3D
More elves
They loved this little elf best! Little packing elf.... :)
So, bring your little ones to watch Arthur Christmas this holiday, as G says - it's about Santa forgetting about 1 present, but it's also about how every child is important. Spot On!!

There's a current "Arthur's Mailbox" promotion going on at Cathay - Go HERE to see more details.

While we were there, these are the other movies that we'll also be catching this Dec hols :
BARNEY - mostly for K
PUSS IN BOOTS - another 3D movie

will be trying out this Moms & Tots promo too!!

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