December 10, 2011

[Gap Casting Call 2011]

Even though we didn't take part in the Gap Casting Call this year (blame it on our inability to queue or wait anywhere longer than 10min!), lots of people with the cutest kiddies did! And after all that waiting and queuing and coaxing the little ones to take part, it is only right that we do our part to choose from the pictures - which really isn't hard given the cute pictures uploaded! So, go and to the following:
To view a child's photo, please follow the following steps:

"Like"the page and then click on the Gap Casting Call tab on the menu bar on the left

Click on the link "Click here to start voting"

Click on the photo of your favourite semi-finalist and then click on "Vote"

Voting ends 25th December, so go on.... make someone's day!

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