December 31, 2011

[New Year's Eve]

So, the next post up will be the annual "Best Of .... " post, but before that, I've TONS of pictures in my HD that i NEED to post up!
Most of them are of playdates, family time and lots of EATING. Between Christmas and New Year's, we were supposed to have closed the office for a week of relaxation, but somehow the week became the craziest week in Dec! The girls had a blast though, we spent some of most of the days in December with them, and it was so nice to see them really enjoying themselves. We have to keep reminding ourselves that they grow up too fast and should really cherish the times we have with them.
Playdates with S and her bunch. Lots of girlie games...
15min swim in freezing cold water and impending stormy skies. Of course the girls were oblivious to both.

Hilarious shot! Shows the drama of girls.... even little K, she who started bawling when the older girls refuse to share the ipad with her.....Love this shot of K at West Coast Park
Testing out new Apps on the phone
G the little monkey!
More apps effects
Taking a break!K's plasticine modelling. Very cute that she's more into the 2D compositions and G has always done everything in 3D.

We had our New Year's Eve celebrations at New House, which meant another few rounds on yummy yummy food.
Playing with baby E, the cutest chubbiest baby ever! (and nope I'm not getting clucky.... )
Thanks P for the most delish cupcakes from HERE.
Sooooo good.....
G doing her colouring
The Spread
The girls
Clowing around in the playroom.

We bought the girls brand new bedlinen for their room for the New Year, of course they couldn't wait for 2012 to arrive before insisting that they slept in it! Luckily for them, we were only too happy to oblige as I'm a huge bedlinen junkie :)
Hello Kitty ones for K, Little Twin Stars ones for G
K posing.
This is why I didn't get a pic of bedspread or G posing
My little bookworm

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