January 01, 2012

[Happy 2012!!!]

Another year is over and a new year has begun! The girls are oblivious to the fact that it's the New Year's - no presents = no hype = no interest....sigh. That's the hard, commercial reality of the hierarchy of holiday "spirit" for you!!
This year has been a wonderful year for us as a family, we started the year in great spirits and visited Japan on our long long awaited Japan holiday (feels like such a long time ago!).
January - Our first year without a proper Chinese New Year celebration but we still had a good reunion lunch which we all dressed up for.
February - The expressions on the girls faces as they see their first snow was so priceless!
March marked G's last birthday as a kindergarten child, next year she's off to the "big-girls-school", she has been talking about it every since the Kindie organized a P1 excursion.
In April, we went again for a little holiday at the nearby langkawi, it was a great little trip, good to relax and just chill on our private beach.
May - End of term party, prettying up the girls with elaborate hairdos.... we love having little girls to dress up! Also the girls have really progressed in their writing and drawings skills.
June - Lucky girls had 2 trips in this month alone - 1st with my parents to Tumpat on their fav mode of transport, and again a driving trip to Malacca with all of us. We also had a lot of weekends spent cycling, as G just mastered the 2-wheeler.
July - G's new obsession was playing the piano. She keeps bugging us to teach her, this is her handwritten score which she "practiced" quite regularly! Also, their sketches are more and more detailed and super cute!
August - We had a staycation at MBS. Watched the fireworks from a VIP podium and the girls were thrilled!
September - G had her first dance recital. So proud of her!
October - Our sweet little K turned 4 and what a fun celebration we had! Lots of girlie stuff like manicure, face painting and makeup. This little one had a blast!

November, December - All too soon it's the end of the year, and as always, after my birthday in Oct, the rest of the year always seem to fly past so fast!! Characterized by lots of playdates outdoors, lots of crafting, baking and another staycation this time at RWS (while G went on a solo trip with my parents), it was such a lot of days crammed into 2 short months.

So there you have it! 2011 in summary. I loved doing this, and as I looked through the pictures in iphoto, I realised that I should blog much more - the things we did, the funny things the girls say... ok, next year! I'll start also putting up videos of the hilarious games they always play.

For 2012, I'm not really one to make new year's resolutions, but I feel that as we grow older, we should really concentrate on the LIVING of our lives. V and me have had some really in depth conversations about where our lives and careers are going, how we are shaping the girls, the sort of experiences we would like to have in the coming months, years, the sort of lifestyle (and consequently income) we would like to have. Too often, life falls back into cruise control mode, no real challenges or hardships to jumpstart the adrenalin. I think this year, my resolution will definitely be to live in the moment. I'm excited about the new routines (g starts primary school!) our new work ambitions (more on the work blog)... Even though i'm not scrapbooking the memories very much, i do keep up with the other scrapping bloggers... The AE inspired OLW is making it's rounds through the blogosphere.... And after much thought, my OLW for this year will be 'FOCUS'.

So, as we ring in the new year, let me wish my dearest readers and all friends and family a very Happy, Fulfilled and Healthy 2012 ahead! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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