January 15, 2012

[what we do in the mornings before school..... etc]

We have been very organised and have drawn up a timetable which we have been following quite religiously for the 1st 2 weeks of school. Let's see how long it lasts! It's been rather loose though, as sometimes we do playdates instead of art or lunch out instead of at home.
G thrives on the 1 on 1 attention and is really such a sweet personality when she is outside of the competitive jealous environment caused by sibling rivalry. She has repeatedly told me these past 2 weeks - thank you for spending so much time with me mummy, i love you very much!! awww....
Playdate with D at Loewen gardens... love the pink decor!
Playdate with L & N while mummy finishes up the site visit checks.

Since I've been cooking a lot more at home, and have stocked up the house with all sorts of food - from a designated weekly marketing day no less! - there's lots of opportunities to have wholesome homemade food, minimal hassle and lots of good nutrition!
This is "almost" fastfood - wholewheat bread, ham slices and fresh lettuce and cheese. The only thing sinful are the chips, but then again, we would have finished our run before indulging!!
The girls after Gym class in their new $5 leotards which we bought for a steal at an obscure shop in Katong Mall....

Brought the girls to Keppel Island off the mainland last weekend, mostly to scooter and also to just work away the post-xmas and new year lethargy! V was trying out the new Aperture priority settings and it turned out quite good.

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