January 27, 2012

[All too quick...]

Can't believe that January is almost over! And Chinese New Year has come and gone... well, not technically, as there is still a few more days left of the traditional 15 day long celebrations. We are still not yet visited out, as there are a few more relatives (older folks) and friends (younger folks) left to cover! All the better to practice our styling on the 2 girls.
The other thing that has been very much a pre-occupation is our coming trip to JAPAN!!! This time around, we'll be travelling up north to Hokkaido, where hopefully there'll be LOADS of snow... The girls are excited, and even better, this trip will be with Popo and Gonggong. V has been doing me proud snapping up snow things for the girls, himself and me on eBay, basically fulfilling his role as family stylist to the T! haha...
So far, the flight tickets have been booked, accomodation sorted and now just the activities of the days that we'll be there to plan out. I will be documenting the various days as per all our previous trips - HERE, HERE and HERE. :)
We have also been experimenting a lot with the camera lately. Instead of just using the default "P" mode, we're venturing into "A" (aperture priority) and the more unpredictable "M" (manual!! Eeps!) So, lots of failed pictures, but here are the ones that I thought were really good...
2nd Day CNY celebrations at New House. Chockablock of cars!
Girls at the entrance.
Styling credits:
G : Top - Gingersnaps, Bottom - Gap, Tights - as before, Shoes - CottonOn
K : Top - Gingersnaps, Bottom - Gap, Shoes - CottonOn

Funny facial expressions - models own....
Me and the girls

G has the funniest and most animated facial expressions. V documented it well here:
a) Listening attentively to what the other person is sayingb) Trying hard to get a word in, and talking really quickly (sometimes TOO quickly!)
c) this is when she finally calms down and talks properly. I think she's agreeing to what E was talking about! Gotta love little friends and playdates :)
Taken with the iPhone and unedited - G and V. Love the spontaneity of this pix!
The weather has been so good in the evenings and it's a great place for the girls to just scooter about and let off steam!
Me and the girls. Love how this picture totally captures the mood of the moment. The laughter and the funny things they do! Love love love them to bits...
Snack after dinner - home made butter cookies and grapes.

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