December 10, 2011

[RWS mini-staycation]

This December, the long awaited Club Med holiday for G finally arrived! She was so excited to be going on a 5 day trip with her favoritest cousin, che che E, for an 'only grandchild' holiday with my parents.V and his girls... they are growing up so quick!
Me and my 2 little princesses.G was at this point getting a little teary eyed about leaving us behind, but of course, her sunny personality shone through again once inside the ferry terminal.Left with only 1 child, we checked into Hardrock Hotel at RWS for a mini break. K was beyond delighted to be the ONLY child.... i believe this is the first time in her young life (that she remembers) where she had the absolute undivided attention of the 2 of us. And for 5 whole days!!! The room was spacious, the only grouses were that it had very bad local internet connection and also no long bath.
Totally girly girl, she was picking flowers and posing at every opportunity!This pix of her cracks me up everytime I see it.... so funny!
We took the trams and buses on the island, it feels almost like we were on holiday! Haha.
K doesn't really like sweet things as much as G does, but one thing that she can't get enough of is icecream!!! She will willingly eat up all her lunch / dinner, if only icecream is the chosen dessert. :) Here she is with the very 1st icecream of many on that mini vacation.
The pool at the hotel had it's own private beach! Artificial sand and wierd water pools, but the kids don't really care.
For the next 2 days, we also went to the "proper" beaches on sentosa.
K finally got to watch her fireworks display while I had my long awaited BBQ ribs at Coastes.
Reading, basking in the sun, eating icecream - that's basically all we did!
Group timer shot before digging into MORE icecream
It was really great to spend some 1 on 1 time with K. Sometimes she acts up and becomes all whiney and difficult, of course it helps that there is nobody here to drive that bad behavior even worse by taunting and mutual quarrelling!

Happy happy girl. She loved all the attention and couldn't stop talking about how fun it was at Sentosa!

The rest of the time, we had meetings to attend to because it was still a work week for us! So we took turns to have 1 on 1 time with K.
Having icecream again at Ikea where she finally bought her canopy for her bed.
Then V brought her to watch Barney at USQ. She was soooo excited and happy!
Will follow up with more pics of my crafting!

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