December 26, 2011

[Christmas 2011]

We continue the tradition of Xmas day dinner at New House, culminating in the pressie frenzy of yesteryears (and here). It was great to see everybody all in the same place, having a good time preparing food, feasting, playing, and generally getting to know and appreciate each others company. Ultimately, that's all Xmas is about, family & good food!
Here are the photos taken on Xmas weekend 2011:
G and my mum.
Yummy food spread - the Salmon with Nonya gravy was divine!
Satay and mac & cheese
Roast Capon Chicken, bolognese Linguini, salad and garlic bread.
Chefs hard at work!
The Christmas tree at New House with all the pressies :)
Getting the little ones to sit still for a photo op before the gifting begins...
Look here! girls and boys!
Finally, everyone is sitting properly..
Waiting impatiently for the presents to arrive!!! Unfortunately, in the midst of all that present confusion, we forgot to take pics!!! But it was such joy to see all the kids opening the presents and exclaiming in excitement at their presents.
The girls wisely kept some presents unopened underneath our Xmas tree, so on Christmas morning, they were up and jumping about (too!) very early and ripping all the presents open with glee.
Not surprisingly, they received MANY crafting presents, so the first thing we did on Christmas day was to get stuck into a whole morning of crafting and making things (more of that in the next post)
In the meantime, on the last day of the looooong Xmas weekend, here's wishing you a brilliant Xmas holiday period and till New year's day, from all of us..... have a great week!!!

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