December 19, 2011

[Dec Highlights]

As the months and the year draws to a close, I realise that i've been so busy "living" that I am left with so little time to do the "recording" aka blogging! hah! Owells, at least i still have another week or 2 - to tidy up the house after day after day of intensive playing of the numerous playdates, to finish buying and wrapping the last few (most impt!) xmas presents, to compose and write the annual reminscing blog post, to plan and partake in the feasting and making merry with all that is closest and dearest.....
So, before all that, here are the pictures that have made it to the december highlights:
Attended the wedding dinner of my littlest cousin. So sweet and so hard to imagine that she is getting married! Time flies!!!Gorgeous bride and handsome groom!
These 2 little girls had a whale of a time playing "princesses" in the ballroom.1 of MANY playdates every week in the hols. This is how my house usually looks like!! hah. Not the cool architect-designer space one would like to inhabit. :)
We had our 1st crafting playdate (which is such a hit we're going to try to do another one before the end of the year!) We made Salt Dough ornaments.
Of course we had to have some snacks! These were surprisingly good - courtesy of Betty Crocker - 3 berries delight... or something similarly cheesy sounding.
Recipe was from HERE - we also wanted to make xmas cards but i think the girls had enough after the ornaments....
So simple to make and the result looks divine!
Stamped their names and birthdates
This was mine.Lunch was a similarly crazy affair with 5 girls all under the age of 7! But luckily, it helps to be next door to a very good italian restaurant, who served their food with dishes up to us!! :) Talk about a private kitchen at our doorstep... heh. The food is good too!
Last weekend we were in Jurong, so brought the girls to their favorite indoor area - Safra Jurong Kids Amaze.
It was mayhem as usual! Even more so with the Dec hols. There was only so much we can take of the noise and crazy crowd, so we left after going down the 2.5 storeys spiral slides for more than 10 times!!

On the crafting front, I finally mastered sewing ZIPS!!! I have always been terrified of them, somehow i never did get around mastering the technique. But I am proud to say I'm on my way to perfecting the zippered pouch. Now to continue experimenting with different shapes of pouches!
A collection of the pouches that have been made, sold and about to be gifted!
Love the french linen fabric.... so lux and so good!
My stack of nicely gift-wrapped pressies for a custom order - how's that for good service!!! Free delivery too :)
Had some ME time to catchup with an old (since high school days) girlfriend. We had the most enjoyable time and it was so great to have some adult time :)Collected my clay creations from the studio. Not quite what I was expecting, the glaze didn't turn out that nice IMO.
Sushi platter. The white glaze was supposed to be much more opaque. That is the thing about clay, it is an experimental medium. Must remember to make more so that I can fire them with different effects!

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