November 20, 2011

[Junior Gymnastics Meet]

We attended G's very first Gymnastic Meet at HCJC today. It's an annual event that was organised by the girls' regular gymnastic centre. Of course, it took quite a lot of persuasion to cajole her into actually joining the meet. Plus we had to get there by 7.15am in the morning!! Too early.... we are so glad the girls will not be attending the morning session when G starts Primary school next year....
Understandably, she was equal part excited and apprehensive about the whole event. I think this photo captures that mood exactly!The event floor, this was during the warmup sessions.

Sample of photos of G's routines. They had to do 4 routines in total - Floor, Unequal Bars, Beam and Vault. Incidentally she won silver for this event!Receiving her medals
She was thrilled to receive 5 medals in all!
Her team won 2nd and she had an individual 3rd place overall! Not bad at all for a girl who "did not want to join the competition" a single bit! heh....
Whilst the older girls were busy at the competition floor, the little ones had a blast playing with their friends and running around the spectator stands.
Life is so fun when you're 4!
Giggly giggly little girls. They are all in the same class and have older siblings competing in the competition. Plus most of the parents were busy video-ing, taking pics of the competition, so these girls had pretty much free rein the whole morning!
After 4 whole hours, the competition was finally over and G could have her well-deserved sandwich! She was absolutely starving as she refused to eat in the morning due to pre-competition nerves.
Happy G with proud grandparents.
Group shot.

The girls
The competition was also a great place for making new friends - G with her new friend B. So nice to meet another 6 yr old of the same height! :)

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