November 12, 2011

[Anticipating the Dec Hols]

Now that the "winter" months are here, the cool weather and breezey days makes the beach the ideal setting to just chill out. Especially with our little red tent, which was so easy to cart around (we propped it up on top of the pram) and to setup. As V was busy studying for his upcoming exams, we brought the girls out for some outdoor time to give him some peace and quiet to mug.

The girls were very lucky to be able to spend some quality beach time with kong kong and po po-
We started the very sunny! day off right with hotcakes and happy meals picnic from McD's in their little red tent.Then it was straight onto the serious business of building sandcastles!
Look at that face of concentration
Snapped a shot of G looking all grown up when she wasn't looking
Popo and kong kong took turns to help the girls with their sandcastle making (and to partake in the halloween candy gorging!)
The weather was great! The sun came out sporadically, but thankfully spent most of the time behind the grey clouds.

Finally, the sandcastles were done and duly decorated.
We went back to our shady spot under the tree and made little old fashioned bubbles
In the afternoon, we spent most of the time cycling, it was the first time the girls visited the "road safety park" and it was a hit!! :)

Looking forward to many more visits to the beach over the holidays.... it definitely is a great way to spend a lazy day out!

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