March 01, 2010

[Sundays are Fun days]

Sorry for the cheesy blog title, I'm running out of titles!

It has been tooo hot a weekend for anything really outdoor-sey. But a whole weekend cooped up at home seemed to be too dreadful to contemplate (from our point of view!) as well. We compromised by going out for a very short while on Sunday, to the nearby Dairy Farm Wallace Cenre. Sometime ago, we took part in an open tender to create the new Wallace Centre. Unfortunately, the tender was closed due to bad management, and that was that. After sometime, the Centre opened with the "inhouse designed" solution to what was a really interesting space (old cowshed barn). We intended to check it out but have not had the opportunity to do so until now. To say the interior space was disappointing could not adequately sum up our sentiments. Unimaginative curative direction results in an almost empty space that does not even make one interested to read about what the centre was trying to promote (essentially green living / wallace's legacy). Am I too harsh? Owell, it could just be sour grapes..... For the record, here's the scheme that we did.

Dairy Farm Interpretative Centre

V also talked about it Here and Here.

Below, pics of the girls and various things accomplished over the weekend:

K loves playing with the princesses too and she can be playing them for quite a long while all by herself.
We love reading! K has been parroting G in almost everything and we are happy that she loves books as much as G does!
G and her many enid blyton's.

Showing off her new fairy bracelet (more of that later). We told the girls we were going to take a walk in the forest (actually the bukit timah reserve). They were very excited as they think they are going to an ENCHANTED forest!!!

Playing with the fallen flowers and leaves
They love looking at grubs and crawlies!
Cheeky sneaky expression!
Finally reaching the centre (it is only about a 10min walk from the carpark, but for the girls, who had to stop every other step to check something out, it took twice that time!)

G loves the cow, but K was a little bit scared.


Also had sometime over the weekend to finish up some projects...

Ever since buying my purse from HERE, i've been interested in sourcing and making my own little snap purse. I couldn't find any good shapes (most were very ornate) at the local shops, but finally managed to find one online! It's a great shop too, delivery was super fast, it arrived in less than 5 days! Plus, I found some great tutorials HERE, for anybody who would like to make them.... :)
The snaps I ordered were a little too big for my liking, although after making the purses up, it seems a really good size as a makeup bag or just as a clutch.
Love my newly purchased oilcloth too!

Other projects I've been doing are these fairy bracelets / hair scrunchies for a certain little girl's 5-yr old party favors this coming weekend.

Really easy to make, these took about 1 afternoon fro about a dozen or so.
Have also been inspired by the great Martha here on making these.... I've been trying to buy cheaper (as in, cheaper than spotlight!) tissue papers, but haven't had any luck so far - anybody? Here are some made with glassine i had on hand and the tiny one is from daiso.

Have a great week!!!


mommy chris said...

Can G read the enid blyton books all by herself? My 4 yrs old is still struggling with her ABC.Can u post the tutorial for the hair scrunchies cos i think my girls will like it too. Thks!

playfulmeowz said...

It's great that G reads, coz younger siblings almost always tend to follow what their older siblings do!

Totally agree that kids take twice as long to cover any distance on foot coz they will stop and look and many things along the way. They're cute that way.

lastly, nice purse and hair scrunchies

Tinkerbell said...

I love your snap purse ! Would appreciate to know where you bought the snaps from ?

Rinda said...

Hi J:

wanna to let you know that you can use crepe paper to make martha stewart's pom-pom. I did the lovely pom-pom for my girl's 3rd bday last year and for my friend's girl 1st bday last Feb. I love making the pom-poms! :)