March 08, 2010

[Marina Barrage]

Too often we just succumb to the heat and decide to stay home. Too often we are just too tired to make it further than our neighborhood park. Too often we think that the public spaces in the city are bound to be too crowded. I'm glad we didn't think that when there was an impromptu decision to meetup with S and family for a little playdate at the Marina Barrage. The weather was HOT! but it was definitely cooler out than in. The kids of course LOVED the water play area. :)
K at the lawn right at the top
C and S on our picnic mat
V & K... looking at kites
Sweaty G after running about trying to get uncle KM's kite to fly!

Us having a little picnic while the sun was still up
G cooling off at the water fountain play area
Her legs seem to be endless here! :)
K getting into the water too
G loved the sprinkler fountains!Had some time also in the morning to finish up some more monograms.
And while the girls played 'house' in the bed, i also made some little shadowboxes..
These 4"x4" shadowboxes from Ikea are perfect for 1 4R picture, 1 wild card and various embellishments.
I love the MR suede flowers and pearl pin
Love also the wild cards from OA and their latest range of PPs!


playfulmeowz said...

Children always enjoy the outdoors!

Love your shadow boxes! I can't wait to get my hands on these shadow boxes from Ikea when I am back in SG!

Haddock said...

Children just enjoy playing in the water.

Anonymous said...

Nice page!