March 23, 2010

[K's first day at Kindie]

Wow, time flies and we were once again transported to the bitter sweet 1st day of school experience we had with G. (blogs are really great! trip down nostalgia lane anytime!) Anyways, reading from my previous post, K is very similar to G on her 1st day.... I suppose having a big sister around in the same school and also knowing all the teachers and some of the older kids beforehand really helps. She was SO excited to be going to "jie jie"s school. We bought her school bag about a month ago, and ever since then, we have also been rehearsing what will go on in school - as usual, G will boss her around and tell her what to do. :)
G and K posing
K mirroring her sister again... G sat down to be at the same height as K, but K as usual, copied the action and made G roll her eyes... haha
Loved all the toys at the playarea in school
Look at that face!
K and me in the mirror..... I think this was her favorite toy, she kept telling me about it.Everythings much less scary with a big sister around!
G was almost as excited as K about her going into kindie. She kept talking about it and introducing all her friends to K
Obliging a photo shoot by mama.
K put together her socks and shoes ensemble herself, and has been doing that consistently now.
Awwww... my heart just melts looking at them together.

ETA: K just talked about school the whole time before sleeping. Who she played with, what she did.... I don't remember G paying so much attention in class when she first attended kindie. K is definitely much more into the details - she will explain all that the teachers did (singing the weather song; playing music with paper instruments etc). I love these little snippets of their lives. :) O and she was so thrilled that her face was on the kindie website after her first day of school!

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