February 23, 2010

[somebody's turning 5!!!]

Gosh, it seems like there has been a non-stop series of events ever since xmas!! From Xmas, to New Year, to moving house + office, to Chinese New Year..... it has been a really hectic past few months! So, onwards and upwards, we have a little princess's birthday party to plan next....
I think she would appreciate a super girly girly pink party, but one of her very best friend's a boy!! How would you go about planning this (all suggestions will be welcomed!). G is very into the whole princess thing, but she is also incredibly boisterous and totally wild. Very UN-princessy... Heh, my friend said she's a bit like a rowdy princess.
My parents brought the girls out over the weekend for some CNY visiting, and to give us a little break before we start work on Monday. Together with catching up on work, I also had some time to indulge in some creating..... (it's been toooo long)

Made these baby wooden sayings, which are by the way up in the very very super cool PUPSIK studio. Do help spread the word :)
Also, i made this LO for K, using a lot of new MR goodies and the new OA stickers. :) I am in love with using the paper doilies, i just folded them in half for this LO and layered stuff onto it.
O, i also bought lots of tulle, which I love using scraps of them as the base for any cluster of embellishments. I feel that they soften the LO and create that blushy look which is sooo pretty.
Wanted it to be a super pink LO as K looks soo boyish in these pictures. lol....

I even had the time to finish up some iphone cases that have been sitting in the "to do" basket for quite a long time.... :)
Finally, there's a little post that I just had to share. So true! (esp the part abt yelling and remembering how small they are) :) I have to print it out or embroider it somewhere......



Irene said...

How about a pink theme princess party with the little boy as a prince??

mommy chris said...

how about a dress up party where kids can come in any of their favourite costumes.(fairy,super hero,clown etc.