February 14, 2010

[Happy Chinese New Year!!!]

Welcoming in the Year of the Tiger (my year- haha, now everybody knows how old i am.. lol!!!) with lots and lots of pics. Nothing much out of the usual rounds of visiting, except that this year we were joined by even more younger nieces and nephews.
K checking out G's sparkly new mary janes.
The girls doing some trial shots for Mummy while waiting for Daddy to join us (hence the loveys still being attached to them!)
G sitting down all demure like a princess cos I told her she wasn't wearing the flouncy skirt otherwise.
K and G - testing the timer and lighting
Another shot while I adjusted the camera position - we can never find our tripod at the right moment so our timer shots are usually with the camera positioned precariously over some tissue boxes / other props.
K getting a little bit cranky
1st backdrop - G being her usual hyper self. She thinks running into the camera while the timer beeps is quite fun.
2nd backdrop - I love how these series of pictures turn out. They look like a frozen screenplay of our life with the girls, their silly faces, the posed / unposed contrasts.
K refused to stand up in this shot and G is still trying to run into the camera...
One of the better shots in the series, love the colour scheme
K looking melancholic
Shot of Daddy with the girls
Shot of Mummy with the girls
Girls together while I disappear behind.
Giving K her Angpow from the both of us. She was so intent of keeping all the angpows in her little bag.
A really wonderful shot of the youngest addition - Baby R, her very 1st CNY!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everybody too!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacq,
Cupcakes looks really yummy!
Where did you get those nice heart shaped baking tray?

JACQ said...

Thanks! I bought the cupcakes tray from a shop along chip bee gardens at holland village.