February 14, 2010


We had one of those quiet days, the type that is at the start of a loooong break from school and work. You know the sort of days that happen just as the yearend school holidays start. Well, we decided that we'll make cupcakes!
Borrowed this book - "Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery" and bought all the ingredients on our morning grocery shop, we were raring to go right after lunch. K obligingly fell asleep at about 2, and that was the start of our baking adventure. G and me diligently weighed, sifted, mixed, cracked and creamed 2 whole loads of batter, making 2 different flavored cupcakes - a zesty orange carrot raison-y one, and a lighter vanilla one. Was really impressed at G's stamina! She sat through the whole 3 hour baking session without much fidgeting, concentrating on reading me the recipes (she was a little upset at me for substituting self-raising flour when i realised we didn't have bicarbonate of soda)
Here are the pics:

The happy baker....

Making the batterHeart shapes for valentine's day
All warm and baked!
With lemon buttercream frosting (essentially A LOT of icing sugar!) Topped with even more saccharine goodness courtesy of G's rainbow sprinkles.
Yumm, i guess it meets the taste test, although they don't really like the butter cream frosting.

K enjoying hers.
She wanted to give V the "naked" one.... (cupcake sans frosting)
G got very tickled at the "naked" word...
Adding strawberry hearts and packing it up for "taigong's" house for reunion dinner.
Of course, they would need to burn off all that sugar somehow...
Yup! jumping on our bed....

To all of you, Happy Chinese New Year!!! :)

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