February 01, 2010

[Our Home - process 03]

This is a post about all the things that still need to be done for our place.. it seems like it is a neverending process, but I remind myself everyday that this IS our home, there is no need for a "handover", and I can take my time to slowly suss out what stays on the "need" list and what should be whittled down on the "want" list. (the want list is now Very Long!) The thing i really wish not to happen of course, is for the "need" list to eventually morph into a "never had the time to do it, therefore it is just left as it is" list, which is something we all know happens so easily!
So, here it is, my recently compiled list, which has been compiled and put down on my "todo" app on my phone :
1. Get Main Gate commissioned and installed
2. Get some plants for the balcony / patio
3. TV console / shelf
4. Fix Wireless server (really irritatingly, after changing Telco, my wireless server does not work anymore!!! Arrrgh....)
5. Research and buy nice office chairs (we had to change them cos of the carpet)
6. K's bed and our bed
7. Sort out girl's sleeping arrangements - get baby monitor
8. Artwork for the dining space (there's a huge wall with LOTS of potential, we just need to make some art to hang there!)
9. Fix dishwasher, microwave and hood (these electrical teething problems are driving me nuts!!)
10. Fix plumbing for washing machine (ditto the plumbing problems!)
11. Get nice lamps
12. Deck furniture

That's a good baker's dozen to whittle down. Hopefully these get done soon, some are infinitely more urgent than others, but I suppose these are already the priority!

I haven't taken much more pictures of our place, but V just posted his thoughts over at the office blog HERE.

Been busy over the weekend also with some decorating (so not used to doing it as we're hardly interiors people, but maybe it's all the styling blogs osmosifying - is that a word? - into me?)
There is this horizontal clear glass window that we have made (in keeping with the original architecture) in our bedroom. Of course, it is now overlooked by our neighbors upper floor windows. Something which is pretty disconcerting in the supposedly most private part of the house. In any case, something had to be done about it quickly, we didn't have the time to purchase those 1-way glass film, which would have solved the visibility problem. Initially I was going to just cover it up with opaque paper, which would obscure the view, but will also shut out all the light coming in. There was a lightbulb moment when I chanced upon some spare doillies which were in my scraps.
Here's the whole window all covered up by these lacy lacy things. Amazing that it's just paper!
That little ledge also makes a perfect spot for my handthrown ceramics (i really need to get back to making those!)
Since the ceramics were unpacked, I decided to line the ones with colourful insides along the other bedroom wall. :)
Bought this wooden saying from Spotlight..... so apt! G was predictably thrilled.....

Here she is hiding in her little cubby hole under my craft desk.
Cheeky little one!
Our other weekend activity. I bought these felt heart from a seller at Etsy quite a long time ago. They are meant to be sewn together to form a trivet, but i liked them so much we decided that we should frame them up! plus it was much easier... hee, G put them all together - she couldn't decide whether to make them into a butterfly or a simple flower - so, here it is - butterfly / flower?

I lined the inside of the shadow box with OA paper, then another layer of doillies, and finally glued the felt heart above them all. Perfect for a little wall decoration!!

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