January 25, 2010

[Our Home - process 02]

So, we've finally moved in, still in the process of snagging the defects, rectifying the defects, more cleaning, decluttering and sorting out what things go where. We have not got to the fun part of decorating yet, so the following pictures are really what the bare spaces look like now... :) I think 2 weeks might not be enough to complete the space for Chinese New Year (is it only 2 weeks away!!! how time flies!)
Here's some pictures from the phone + camera:
Screenshot montage of arty pics of the house from V's phone
More walls....
Dining space and display shelves
Reading + Library nook

Throughout the week, the girls have also slowly adapted to living in this new house. They constantly tell us that they like it so much here.... it is so fun to watch them use the different spaces of the house. The little patio is one of their favorite place to hangout. They loved bringing their toys out to play, even when it's super hot!

Snacking on cornflakes and playing with their "girl girls".
You can see the window behind them, it leads straight to the kitchen and is a convenient hatch to replenish their food! :)

They love the playground downstairs too, these shots were taken on Sunday evening, just after their nap..
K so proud that she could manage the tall slide all by herself now!
On the see-saw

Some shots of them at new house where we had to go back to finish packing.... lots of boxes still remain for us to transport over! :P

Finally, not much time for crafting, what with all the moving and unpacking, but I managed to complete a phone cosy sometime last week and it's on it's way to the states now. :)

Lots more pictures and documenting the whole process of the house in the next few posts.... Have a good week!

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