January 12, 2010

[new house]


Sigh, it's yet another late night as the days are spent running errands for the house (yes, yes, it's coming along and will be complete soon.... there's the general level of losing steam as the completion date is delayed yet again...)
As I was looking at the blog posts, I realised that there are no external pictures of "new house". So, for posterities sake, and so that the kids will be able to remember days of being at "new house", here are some pics taken over the weekend:
It was built in the early 80s, in the sort of modernist architecture that was "trendy" then. Living in this building has it's ups and downs, we love the fact that there are split level living spaces - each half level has it's own living space and accompanying green terrace, all the way up to the roof! The central stairs are the heart of the house, connecting all the different levels. However, climbing 4 flights of stairs just to get to our room sometimes can be really a drag, especially if you have lots of groceries and 2 little ones to watch over.... "don't play on the stairs!" is a constant refrain! lol..... However, we will really miss staying here, I think it has formed quite a lasting impression on the girls, the various parts of the house that is their favorites.....

We usually head out during the weekends, to the parks, library etc. This weekend, we had to start the packing (repacking) process, so decided to just walk to the neighborhood greens :
G was thrilled that she could be on the swing by herself - she is now tall enough to push off herself and strong enough to create the continuous swinging momentum. Look at that cheeky face!
K at the situp bars, she loves imitating what her sister does, G was trying out the situps just a moment ago.
After the park, we headed for a family lunch to celebrate the arrival of the youngest baby in the family... (unfortunately no baby pics.). It was fun to watch cousins interact, especially the younger ones. Here's V + K peeling the celebratory red eggs:
Both 2nd daughters, born 1.5mths apart, they are so different in temperament! V is all demure and ladylike in her behavior, and K is..... erm, not quite so ladylike... lol. V is very very soft while K is super loud! But this above pic captures the singlemindedness that is so characteristic of 2 yr olds.
K couldn't wait to finish peeling hers, she just HAD to try it first! :) hee, looking also at the above pic, you would never guess that V was eating like a pro from age 4mths, and K only started fully on solids a couple of months ago!

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