January 01, 2010

[Happy 2010!]


Any resolutions? I think i've stopped making new year resolutions, although as always, my most constant resolution is to stay HAPPY :)

Here's a roundup of my favorite pics from 2009 as promised:Our date nights are rare and much cherished. Especially those we can dress up for!
- Hongkong Design Awards night, Hongkong, Dec 09
Birthday drinks at Mortens, Oriental Hotel, Oct 09
G trying on V's old frames (without glass) as I pack in the background. Aug 09.
V + K all sweaty at the Children's Garden. Aug 09
Sisters. Jun 09
G skating like a pro, practising at our playspace downstairs. Mar 09
K, doing peekaboo, Feb 09
Sleeping in the sling, Jan 09
Overexposed shot of us in Hongkong Dec 09
Being silly at Hollywood Hotel, Hongkong, Dec 09
Disneyland, Dec 09
Disney Hotel, Dec 09
Disney Hotel, Dec 09
G sometime in Jun 09
Hort Park Sept 09
My birthday lunch, Oct 09
Hort Park again, Sept 09
Sentosa, Aug 09
Hort Park again...
Cheeky kids at New House, Aug 09
Baking at Auntie Karen's, Oct 09
Finally finishing the princess puzzle, Dec 09

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Creative B Bee said...

You have a lovely blog and I love to view all your photos and creations too.