January 20, 2010

[October Afternoon - Monogram Tutorial]

Remember the Wooden Monograms? Here's the tutorial on how to make them!
I've done a few more for the girl's room, will share soon.....

October Afternoon Monogram Tutorial

In the meantime, we're slowly settling into our new place. The space is pretty incredible, lots of high ceiling spaces, storage, a dedicated office and most importantly, a really good size girls' room! The little ones are so happy to be in this new space. K especially finds it hard to believe that this is going to be our house. I asked her last night about where "home" is, and she still thinks it's 'new house'! So funny. She loves the playroom, toddling over every morning the minute she opens her eyes, to look for G and to play there before her morning milk. G too, loves her space to bits, especially her little reading nooks and all her new books. We bought her a pink fairies quilt yesterday, hopefully she'll like her little surprise tonight! I'm slowly discovering my favorite spaces, there are more storage spaces to be installed, so we're not done with the unpacking yet.

A little sneak preview of the space (still in the process of putting things in their spaces, not much decorating....) -
G in her new bed... :) Complete with princess canopy..
Unpacking, destashing and putting together my new craft space
It is fun to see all my fabric stash in 1 storage location.
Putting up the mobile and some decorations in the girls' room.
Our huge (too big?) leather sofa in the living roomG and her good friend N playing petrol stations in Kindie.. :)

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playfulmeowz said...

Nothing like your own home! May this be a lovely haven to build your nest, filled with love, creativity and communication. Love your SB area and the decor in the girls' room.