January 13, 2010

[Our Home - process 01]

.......*drum rolll.......* We're finally moving!!!! This weekend to be exact.... It has been long awaited and from the initial 3.5months of expected stay at New House (V's grandpa's place), it has been extended to almost half a year. The girls have adapted surprisingly well to this temporary arrangement. We were worried that they would be homesick, or feel very uprooted by all these changes. We read and researched online lots and have been helping them transition by keeping all their familiar things on hand. It helps that every weekend there is the beach or park to look forward to, and that everybody here really adores them and they have no want for attention! In fact, i think they would really miss living here at "taigong's" house, no more large spaces to run around, no more big playroom to chill out in. I'm definitely going to miss all those ready made meals and instant laundry... hee. But when we told the girls we were going to be moving into their new place this weekend, the delight in their little faces was too cute to behold! To say that they were overjoyed was an understatement. G wanted her princess bed with her princess room, K wanted her animal bed with the animals bedspread. How funny that they identify their new house with their own beds... I guess I'll be the only one missing our 1 bed family arrangement now.. lol...

So, as we transition yet again into our new place, here are some pictures which I've taken through those months of construction (the construction only started in mid-sept, so it has been pretty fast actually, completing in 3.5mths with a little bit of Xmas and New Year's delay in between)
Lots and lots of rubble from demolishing some internal walls
The entrance sidewalk with some leftover wicker chairs....
A view from the girls's room, lots and lots of storage!
Modern Loo from TOTO.... hee.... of course, part of the fun of renovation is the shopping!!! We had to do a lot of shopping - appliances, fittings, and of course, that also meant quite a lot of research at Ikea!
The girls loved the tea set at Ikea. They can play there for ages!
Tiling up the kitchen... i love how these interesting "process" photos are never really seen after everything is all nice and clean.
The main space... i think I will put together more before + after photos of this once I look through my photo archives - It is VERY different!
Choosing the right stone for the kitchen counters... :)

Okay, lots more the show in the next few posts.... but in the meantime, back to packing!!!!

While I disappear from the blogsphere to concentrate on the move, below are some of my favorite blogs / links for other peoples' homes.. enjoy!


Till next week!

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playfulmeowz said...

your girls are cute. can't wait to see pics of the new place. little nooks and spaces that mean "H.O.M.E" to each of you