March 05, 2012

[Happy 7th Birthday Gracie!]

"Gracie loves mummy, Gracie loves daddy." These were the first few sentences that you wrote into our iPhones when we first bought them, and I can't bear to erase them even after upgrading the phones 3 times over. We sometimes take for granted how much you rely on us for guidance, for love, for approval. You might already be a big 7 yr old, but to us, you are always that little precious baby doll. You are full of your own opinions, full of your own peculiar brand of logic, your super hyperactiveness. You talk nineteen to the dozen and continue to love books and reading. (ESP about ghosts, poisons and wierd tales!) these few weeks in primary have been tough of you, adapting to school has been harder than anything you have done so far, and through this whole experience, we have learnt much more about your personality, your temperament and your wiles and ways. We have also learnt about parenting a strong willed child (which you undoubtably are!!) of how to separate discipline from the loving, how to inculcate good behavior through example. We have been put through so many parental hurdles, that sometimes we are at our wit's end! But always, you seem to be stronger than all of us, when you manage to psyche yourself to do well in school, the determination you have to overcome this little setback at the start of your Primary school journey. You do us so proud when you are YOU.... please don't stop being that irrepressible little energiser bunny :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetheart!!! Love mummy + daddy
Looking all grownup before your dinner party
Swishing those long long skirts :)
Beautiful little girl
G + V
G + me
This year, we eschewed the traditional birthday party for a more intimate dinner treat with just close family. We told G that it will be a quiet one as we'll be spending the rest of her birthday in JAPAN!!!Here's all of us.... dinner at House followed by icecream desserts at Ben & Jerry's!
The food was really good.... we ate till we were super super full!
Surprisingly, the girls didn't mind the greens that much, and really loved the crispy crusts and the mozzarella cheese!

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Emma said...

Hi, J

Almost tears down when I read this post. Exactly my feelings for my oldest girl.

Emma also likes to read ghost, bad fairy stories most, which I don't feel comfortable until I read this post.

And Emma is stronger than my husband, me and the other family members. Sometimes when I feel weak, I 'tend' to lean my head on her shoulder. Heheh.....she is only 4 year old.

Jia you, Jia you! The point that make parents suffer will help children stand out when they grow up.