March 24, 2012

[Tokyo Day 01: Naka-meguro, Daikanyama]

Apologies for not blogging for so long!! Since my parents came on this trip to Japan with us, and also because of the instantaneous nature of FaceBook, blogging has somehow fallen off the "things to do when we get back" list! Most of the pictures have already been uploaded onto FB, but I guess it is still a nice thing to document our trip on my blog (just for posterity's sake!) and also to link up to those helpful links (just in case we're going back to Hokkaido again)

The 1st 3 days were spent in Tokyo, just the 2 of us with K, as G had to finish up her school term (now that she's in a proper school!). With just 1 kid and in a pram, it was so simple! K being K, was the most undemanding girl. She was easily amused and can sit in her pram so obligingly! I guess G was the same at this age. The best thing about it all, she fell asleep promptly every afternoon at 2pm, for long 1.5-2hr naps, so it's guilt-free shopping for both of us! :)
Against our better judgement, we flew SQ red-eye flight from SG - Narita. As had happened our last red-eye with G, it was totally not a child-friendly flight at all! Owells, now we know! Plus felt totally cheated that the children's pack, just a few miserly activity pads, not even a bag to put it in! (CX & JAL tie for best airlines for kiddie freebies in my experience).
So happy to be in JAPAN!!!
Arrived to a sleepy day at Asakusa, but it was great to revisit our old haunts - the Ryokan was so familiar and comfy! K of course was still fast asleep when we arrived and only woke up when it was time for breakfast.Our pose in front of the Ryokan (As before!)
After reading all about this up and coming hip and trendy place - Naka-Meguro - we just had to visit! Lots of nice cafes and bookstores as mentioned on all the blogs, but I found it to be too spread out and quiet. I suppose it is really meant for the well acquainted to slowly discover every little street. Not something we can really do when we have limited time and 1 very cranky (due to the red-eye) child to contend with!

The streets were beautiful though, the canal so picturesque and the shops that line it so nice and forbiddingly expensive!!
The good thing about hip areas is that they have hip supermarkets!! Which is the one we stumbled upon and where we bought our supermarket meals for lunch! Of course the Jap supermarket being so considerate, had absolutely everything - microwave, disposable cutlery, even an ice machine! K obviously approves :)

We then headed to nearby Daikanyama for even more shopping!! By this time, K has fallen asleep in her pram for her after lunch nap, so it's for a more leisurely shop and walk in the higgledy piggledy streets.
Lots of interesting little shops to explore
Some details of the V's outfit
Me in my trusty scarf specially commissioned and ordered from HERE. (she doesn't lists scarves anymore, you'll have to convo her)
Daikanyama T-site - a place we have not been to on our last trip. Nice shops and lots of interesting things to see but WAY too pricey imho.
We ended up going to shops we went to previously, bought a few more of these little creatures, this time a super snuggly blankie too!
Quirky little shop that just sold TOMATOES! So perfectly Japanese!
K woke up just in time for dinner. We had Pancakes! What a treat.... look at her delighted face!
Little bunny joined us :)

So concluded Day 01.... stay tuned.....

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