April 01, 2012

[Tokyo Day 02 : Shimo-kitazawa]

A new discovery (for us) off blog-land, there's a really interesting little place in Tokyo - Shimo Kitazawa. We had such a good time walking around the little shops there, many many of my favorite types - Haberdashery shops, little knick knack shops etc... even a super cool coffee shop! Well worth a visit, it is one of those quintessentially japanese places which are full of young and trendy people, not the super hyped up sort, but a more low-key down to earth type. It's also home to many of the "new discoveries", there were many interesting shops that stocked local up and coming designers. It really reminded me of the bricklane, hoxton scene in London, just on the crux of becoming trendy.
Early morning shot of our Breakfast room at the Ryokan.
K and her "milk-iru"
Us in front of the Ryokan. K is super pleased with her Bunny! (and me with my new Tsumori Chisato hat!)
Details of a train platform
We made a slight detour to visit Sejima's Shibaura House. Admittedly, it's our only architectural visit this trip (guilty!) and unfortunately for us, it was closed for a private event. Will definitely do more research next time and visit when there are hopefully some workshops! (esp THIS one!)
Quirky shops full of interesting clothes.

Really cool brand - it says Ohio but surprise surprise, it's actually Japanese! :) How quirky... Read more about it HERE. Clothes were too ex so I came out empty handed. K was really funny though in the shop, she kept looking around for the 2 cats!
Bought too much fabric from this shop!The famous Bear Pond Cafe - The coffee really does tastes very different!
K happily munching on all the different snacks available! She also insisted on buying a drink at almost every other vending machine!
Toyo's Eggs - designer egg shop! :)
Me in front of my favorite type of shop!
Vintage clothing galore

Recommended over HERE, we stumbled upon this cafe while walking around the streets. The food was really good and the atmosphere delightful. K loved the platform and sitting on the floor dining. Us, not so much as there were so many layers to remove before we can sit down comfortably! After a whole day of shopping, it was really relaxing to be back in the Ryokan to enjoy our family bath :)

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