November 26, 2006

[new stuff!]

Yup, attended a pajama party last night with the girls at TVC and M4M - the former an online shop for scrapstuff and the latter a local forum i'm very active in. It was a BLAST! How can it not be? with a roomful of women, all liberated from childcare for the night.... heehee ... i think we were just high on the shopping adrenaline! :D

So, how can i not scrap - even though by the time i got home, it was WAY past midnight....

Here's what i churned out -

Thanks to TVC for the yummy goodie bag and an enjoyable nite; Jenn for the generous hambly RAK; cousin fiona for the lift bag and wonderful pressies for G >.< GOOD WEEKEND!


Shirls said...

you churned out 2 layouts after midnight? that's amazing. photo is not even upside just kidding. i find myself most creative past

Anonymous said...

Love your layouts Jacq!!! You make me want to shop for more Prima flowers!!