November 27, 2006

[happy day]

many many reasons to be happy today:
1. my Xmas tree is up! :D something so simple yet so magical.
2. we're going to KOREA!!!! can't you tell i'm already excited thinking about it!
3. gracie said- mummy i love you - kiss mummy!
4. my DT layouts are UP on the website - - so wierd yet really wonderful to be amongst all that talent!!

so here's the pix of the tree in it's sparkly glory-

sorry for the horribly blurred photo.. heehee can't be bothered getting my tripod out and i've no idea how to set the timer on my camera! hah!


Shirls said...

yay! so korea it is:)

you will never get tired of hearing "mummy i love you" sweet..melts my heart each time.

mel said...

so magical indeed :)

Anonymous said...

oooh Korea!!! Fabulous!!!

What a magical tree!!!