December 05, 2006


I love the service apartment! Heehee.... a very uncool topic i know, but this is the first time i'm staying in a foreign country with my own stove, microwave, proper cutlery, a study table (w internet access!) and all mod cons! I think i'll be staying in service apartments on all my trips from now on! :D

So, the flight was uneventful - Gracie loved being on the plane - she likes to think she's like the moon (hiding behind the clouds). 6 hours passed by quite quickly, even though Gracie only slept fitfully for 20min. The trip to the hotel took much longer than expected, and i'm really proud of my little trooper - she hardly made any complaints- even though she was really hungry and also wet with a heavy nappy. I think she could really sense that her parents were in a bit of a panic cos we couldn't find the hotel, so she just kept quiet and sat in her pram while we dashed abt like something out of Amazing Race. Finally we managed to find the place, and she's asleep by 730pm!!

At 21months,Gracie is SO articulate! All through the trip, she came up with nuggets like -
. gracie wants to give daddy something
. people came up and let daddy sit on the chair already
. daddy switch off the light and come back home
. gracie's cold, shiver shiver
. mummy this side (grin), daddy this side (grin), gracie in the middle! - this is when she's sleeping in between us on the bed
. gracie laugh - haha - mummy laugh - heehee - daddy laugh - hoho

me and vic are constantly amazed at the words spouting out from her!

Here's some pics of us:
in the airplane

in the airport, seoul

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mel said...

Glad to hear you guys made it safe and sound to Korea! Have a great trip! and since you hv internet access, no excuse not to post. hehehehe!