December 30, 2006

[is this the start of the T-2s?]

G has been going through temper tantrums quite often lately. It all starts if we don't allow her to do something potentially dangerous (like climbing all over furniture) or yucky (like picking cigeratte butts off the ground). She'll start by whining and whingeing, then escalate to full scale crying if we persist in our 'NOs'. It's been terribly tiring for both her and us - I'm guessing it's definately the start of those terrible 2s. I've a feeling this is going to continue for awhile - any advice mummies out there?

On the other hand, she's getting more and more confident with her speech and her vocabulary is expanding so fast! She's been repeating words after us and now is taking an interest in Chinese too :P Yesterday at the zoo, we had a free pass stamped onto our hands - she said to me - mummy it's on my wrist! haha... i stood corrected :P

The last 2 pics are the new Duplo toy i got her for xmas - it's kinda belated (cos i'm a sucker for post xmas sales :P), but i think at her age - she hasn't quite grasped the concept of presents yet! She's super duper happy playing with it, as all the animals in the zoo pack were totally recognisable to her. So cute - she keeps going - mummy giraffe say Hallo, baby giraffe going to play with Polar Bear..... :D

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