December 25, 2006

[a day of giving and receiving]

It's xmas! Even though we're not religious, since it was a long weekend and all the cousins were in town, there was the proverbial family gathering at "new house". It was really great - surrounded by family and good food - we had a lot of fun! Here's some pictures from today:

starting the day right - with presents!
darling kitchen set from grandma and auntie Pgirlies from daddy and mummy
the yummy food spread at lunch
life baby halter dress from grand aunt 'cowpo' :D


Just me said...

love your pics! and g's definitely growing up to be a cutie! I think i have to go to taising soon.. even I can't resist those toys!

Marr said...

she's always so sweet looking and love the stuffs you bought her and the life baby's dress so cute!

Agnes Tan said...

Oh dear me!!! G looks so sexy in tat halter dress *wolf whistle*