December 27, 2006


Definition of 'crop' for my non-Scrap friends - it's just an afternoon where we all get together, share our various scrapbook stash and have fun doing layouts. Sometimes includes playing games, but because this crop in particular was only the 4 of us, we just hung out and ate ourselves silly.

So, here's what i did in those 3 hours:
another Layout for the Korea album - this one has journalling to remember gracie's love for corners! She's got her special corner in the hotel room - staked it out on the first day we got there!
This is about her rosy cheeks.... love that 1st pic of her! So cute!

Thanks to Vic for looking after G so that mummy can disappear! M & L for hosting the crop, and cousin F for the lift back home (again!) :D


zingBOOM said...

she is so gorgeous, and so are your layouts!

Anonymous said...

at least you did 2 layouts during a crop. i don't even finish one layout during an all day great layouts. abby loves pillars. got to hug them when she sees them:)