December 08, 2006

[just the 2 of us]

As expected, Vic had to go for some meeting today. What we didn't really expect was that it will take the whole day and probably some time tomorrow too. Wat a bummer. Owell, this trip is all expenses paid afterall. :P
This means me and Gracie are all by ourselves today! O wat fun! It's been quite a restful morning here in our hotel room - I opted to be indoors for the morning cos it's just too much hassle carrying all the food for lunch out for G. She's really getting into the potty training quite well, keeps asking me to bring her to a potty to pee. Of cos there's no potty here - we make do with the shower tray.
After being terribly cranky after her lunch, she's finally dozed off at 130pm. She's now awake again a scant 1 hr later.. sigh...
So, now our adventure begins! We're planning a slight trip out - just the 2 of us - out into Dongdaemun wholesale markets for some girly retail therapy.
I'll report back later on what we bought! For now - here's some pics of her with her rosy cheeks :D
rosy cheeks
eating strawberries- very sweet!
cute softies i bought for gracie


Shirls said...

looks like you are having fun in korea:) can't wait to see you scrap those photos!

The Velvet Cat said...

Ooh.. sounds great.. especially the "all expenses paid" and retail therapy part! :P heehee!

Stephanie said...

Jacq,your little girl is sooo cute.