December 10, 2006

[coldest day so far]

Today was the coldest day since we've got to Seoul. I guess the weather was around zero. Gracie didn't really mind the cold - although she threw a big tantrum when we wouldn't let her come down to walk along the streets of myeongdong. We spent the entire morning trying to look for diapers for G - first off was Lotte Dept store - where a pack of 25 diapers will set us back 32k W (which is equivalent to S$65!!) crazy! Didn't really think we were THAT desperate (even though i had to fight a strong urge to just get it and continue with the day as scheduled!) Next stop was Lotte Mart - nope, not in the same building but 3 tube stops away. 1 tantrum, 1 milk feed and 1 meltdown later, we finally got to the supermarket. Thankfully, we bought a pack of diapers for a more palatable price of S$25. (Huggies would cost around S$40 for the smallest pack!) We really did wonder how did the less affluent Koreans with kids get by? Gracie has fallen asleep by now, and after our lunch and then feeding G her lunch - it was already almost 3! We decided to just go back to the hotel to take a short siesta before going out again in the evening. So, more pics - but today's was pretty boring - no interesting location shots, just lots of pictures in the hotel and then at night.
just love the strawberries!
our pantry shot

view from our hotel window

1st and 2nd layer of clothesall set! Can we go now?
sunny day!

back in the room again - this time with my grocery shopping!

trip out at night to see interesting architecture - the galleria shopping centre at Apjugeong
Kinetic art facade of the Galleria
Next to giant teddybear in front of the shopping centre - G kept wanting to come down to climb on the bear!
This is her being cheeky inside - under strict instruction to only touch WALLS and FLOORS - she was trying her luck with touching the display and saying - gracie touch this? gracie touch that? haha.... very exasperatingly cute.


The Chengs said...

what do u wear for shoes?

Marr said...

so drooling over the delicious strawberries!!! :D they look so huge!