December 13, 2006

[back to life, back to reality]

Back to the regular humdrum of normality. It's comforting to be home - where there are all the familiar elements. And in the days that we were gone - we had ikea come by to fix up a BRAND new dining table and Gracie's very own tot bed! She's estatic that she has her very own bed - now she does everything on it - from changing diapers (gracie wants to change diapers on gracie's bed NOW!) ; playing with ginger miao miao; snuggling under the covers... so cute! our grown up little girl!

I'll post pictures of my shopping when i get a chance to take some pictures of them - my best buys:
1. Sergison Morrison shoes for S$60! (as they were on 70% off!)
2. Set of stamps from my Favorite shop in Seoul!
3. A pair of cute linen shoes for Gracie
4. Great button accessories from Insadong

:D heehee..... nothing makes my heart beat faster than a good thrift find! :D
p.s. nursery rhymes and songs that gracie can sing now (well recite - still quite tuneless):
1. Ba ba black sheep
2. Twinkle stars
3. Ke Ren Lai (her favorite)
4. San zhi lao hu
5. wheels of the bus
6. Incey Wincey
7. One Two buckle my shoes
So proud of her!

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