December 24, 2006


Another Xmas! Last Xmas - Gracie was 9months old, barely starting to stand up and babbling only a few words. We spent the weekend in KL, visiting my godbrother and family. I still remember it being our first long distance trip out of Singapore with Gracie. She took the car ride so well and didn't have any complaints abt being cooped up in the car seat for ages!
A year later - G is growing up so fast! She's been holding whole conversations with us, the terrible 2s has definately started - she's being incredibly stubborn, making her independance known. Time has really passed by so quickly! I'm grateful and happy that G is turning out to be a really happy child, with great social skills, so affectionate and so loving! :) Can never get tired of her giving us "big slobbery kisses" and a "great big hug!"

So, here's some pics of some Xmas cards (all made for SOMO dec kit)


Anonymous said...

oh yes, they grow up way too fast! love the chrissy cards! merry christmas!!!

iggydodie said...

your Xmas cards are amazing !