December 09, 2006

[took 328 photos today!!!]

it's a bit crazy with a digital camera - esp one that has 2GB of space! We just keep taking and taking. Incredibly, just in one day - i took 328 photos! :D Mostly of gracie playing around at Seoul Tower. Will fully recommend it to parents with small children - as the indoor areas are clean and have funky furniture that double up as slides and play equipment. I love the shop too - full of cool designer stuff - think MOMA gift shop or the TATE gift shops :D

So, i'll let the pictures do the talking:

all bundled up - outside our hotelsitting in the yellow bus - going up to seoul tower

climbing up the slope to the tower - the air smelled of fresh pine, the entire hill was covered with pine forests.

inside seoul tower - we didn't go up the tower as it was a really foggy day. Gracie LOVED the indoor play space though :D

outside at the base of the tower

leeum art gallery - fantastic architecture - not such a good space for a tot- but i think she quite liked the giant spiders! :D


mel said...

wow wow!! Love reading about your adventures in Seoul! Don't forget to keep posting!:)

Marr said...

wow! you must have such a wonderful time! Gracie must have such a fabulous time in Korea cos she's practically shine in all the photos! :D