February 03, 2009

[happy birthday mum]

A heavy heart is :
. when you're unable to understand why your child just simply refuses to listen and acts in a totally opposite way to what a "good" child should be
. having to endure a whole car journey of whining and crying, pretending normalcy as all the books advise, in order to ignore and therefore conquer the temper tantrums.
. when you have to leave the room as you are no longer sure if the temper can be kept in check and if the urge to discipline in the most traditional sense gets the better of you.
. when you question the ways in which we're parenting wrong as the temper tantrums and bad behavior persist (and seemingly escalate) day after day.
. when nothing is just as simple as the books say it should be.
. when above all else, you feel that a little bit of love in you is dying day by day as the defiant behavior continues.
To mummy dearest, who probably went through all the above and more with bringing up yours truly, (and having to repeat the experience all over again with my offspring):
. thank you for putting up with all my temper tantrums and still managing to put in all the love and hugs and support through them all
. thank you for not giving into all the frustrations of parenthood and taking them out on me when i'm growing up (and i'm still learning not to do so with G), even though i probably pushed every emotional button that could be pushed
. thank you for just being there, even when i'm at my most atrocious and rebellious.
. thank you for not giving up on me, as a daughter, and as a mother.

I sincerely hope i can be half as patient and as good a mummy as you!
Happy happy birthday....

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Shaz said...

hi jaq,
its me sharon from kl. how are you? your blog is always so inspirational!! anyways, i would like to know what lenses do you use for most of your pictures because you do have great pictures!!