February 24, 2009


I torture myself! yes, i have about 150 blogs on my bloglines that i read voraciously and get super stressed out when the unread posts number the near 500s! (like when i go on holiday.. heh). One of my favorite features on the iphone is ibloglines - which makes catching up on my daily inspirations so much easier! :)
The fun thing about inspiration is that it can strike from all sources. My bloglines categories are divided into - crafting, motherhood, shopping, clothes, architecture, travel, friends and scrap!
So anyways, here are some results of all that blog-hopping:
Finally caved in a bought a custom brush from HOUSE OF 3. Been playing around with it and it's fantastic! :)

so many possibilities!!! :)
making tags for G's goodie bags :)
found this image from the web - an idea has been brewing in my head for awhile now. It will be inspired by this poster.

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