February 10, 2009

[the LOVE month]

Heh, everywhere we go, we're surrounded by all sorts of Valentine's offers. It's Love this, Love that. It really does make one wonder if all these superficial loving is doing anybody any good during these dismal economic times.
In anycase, i know i've been falling behind on many of my datelines, and also my personal TO DO list. There were so many great plans, hatched up before and during the LONG chinese new year break. Once back, pitching for projects and recuperating from the long work nights took it's toll, not to mention all that left over lethargy of the long break. Anyways, i hope things will start off a bit more spritely from now on. I will start with posting up some of my recent LOs (made with the wonderful OA and lovely Hamblys -all with the appropriate Valentine's theme).

eeks, blogger refuses to post the pics properly, but i'm also attaching clearer pics on my flickr site :) There's a hidden journal inside this envelope.
i love the diecuts from OA xmas range - it actually spells out BELIEVE, but i took L V and E and put in the 'heart' shape to get LOVE.
This is G clowning around
and K just telling me her finger needs some ointment too when i apply my moisterizers.

Watch out for my Mid Month challenge coming up soon!!!!
a little work in progress. I'm really excited to show the finished product for this little project. I hope you will love it as much as i do! ( at least the way i visualised it in my head) . A little teaser - it's going to be called -BABY TO GO.... :P
A little cuddle picked up from HERE. It came so nicely wrapped! My own little valentine's day pressie to myself. Why not, for an unbelievable price!!!
Fabulous wall art from a talented talented lady! I can't wait to put it up.... and i'm sure i'll be getting more!

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