September 21, 2009


We had a really fun morning going to auntie K's home. :) K is one of my SIL's oldest BFF and her home was incidentally a project that we finished a few months ago (but unfortunately have not had the time to document) The main focus of the space was the island kitchen, and it was really fun to try it out this morning!!

Here are the pics :
These are some early morning shots of the 2 girls. Somehow, it's so difficult to wake them up every weekday morning, but come the weekend, you can be sure 1 or the other is up before 7am!
They love taking their "favorite colours" and stenciling shapes with the plastic rulers onto paper.

Baking process step-by-step:
1st, you have to be properly attired! Here's the 2 of them in Ben & Jerry's signature aprons, courtesy of Auntie K, whose brother used to work in what has got to be arguably the best (at least for a person with a sweet tooth!) company - Ben & Jerry's!
2nd-ly, you need to do lots of warm-up exercises...
Jumping about and shaking your bum bum are an absolute must!3rdly, do lots of smiley faces for the mama - razzi....
Of course you need to lay the cupcake liners on the chair as a tryout first..... while the big people rush about getting the REAL ingredients weighed and measured.....
Whist waiting for the cupcakes to be ready, munch on any edible ingredients (like the yummy mangoes and juicy peaches).
Cupcake batter all ready for the oven!
Smiley auntie K, thanks for putting up with us and the mess that inevitably follows!Rest and Relax, why do we have to wait for the cupcakes to cool down before putting on sprinkles?
In the meanwhile, do other more interesting things like setting up a mini cupcake shop by the windows....
All fresh from the oven - there's something about the smell of freshly baked cupcakes that is sooo divine!
Taste test 01
Taste test 022nd batch of cupcakes!
Clowning around at the mirrors
Preparing the cupcakes for sprinkles.....
Finally! Our rainbow coloured sprinkles peach + mango cupcakes! :)

It was a really great activity for the girls, they had a lot of fun watching the cupcakes bake in the oven, cracking the eggs into the batter, lining the muffin trays, putting the sprinkles on the final baked goodies...


playfulmeowz said...

How cute, the girls in the aprons! Bet the cupcakes taste yums!

I can't wait to get our own place and bake with my boy too, while baby sleeps

Kate aka stinkydudette said...

i agree! they look super adorable in those aprons. and those cupcakes look delicious!