September 26, 2009

[Beach Breakfast Bonanza]

Now that the beach is only a 5 min drive away, we've been wanting to take advantage of being so close to have lots of breakfasts there, but due to work commitments and the unpredictable weather, it has been difficult to do so.
Finally, this morning, the weather was bright and sunny and we decided to take the troops out for a morning sandcastle play session cum breakfast. It was so fun and we decided we definately should do this more often! Here are the pics:
While they enjoyed themselves with my salad tools (cos we couldn't find the beach toys anywhere... probably packed up somewhere....)
I caught up with my embroidery work..
This is a commissioned bible cover.
K got tired of playing with the sand after awhile, she was a bit upset with the feel of sand on her feet.
This one, on the other hand, was more than happy rolling about in the sand, digging and building a "volcano castle" that erupts!
Smiley K
Cheeky cheeky....
After that, the easiest way to clean them up is to let them play at the water fountains....
look at the joy!

happy happy

Gotta do this again.....

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