September 21, 2009

[V's new phone]

Somebody's got a new phone.. heh, the look on the girls' faces when we showed them the 2 phones side by side was priceless! G of course asked immediately "where are the games daddy?" while K was happy there's Youtube! hah.
I love this pic of G... that smile :)
saying "cheese" for daddy
i love it when they play happily side by side... unfortunately, that rarely happens!
G and K in the "kara kara wee" room (kara-ok), actually, nobody does kara-oke in there now, it's just been turned into the gigantic playroom for the girls (and visiting cousins) and is the only air-conditioned respite which we all escape to during these hot afternoons.

Not much happening on the crafting front, although I've just received my latest batch of OA papers *insert happy dance* and have been raring to go on some creating....

O, and we've started work on the house! Lots of last minute work as we discovered some structural elements that cannot be removed....

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