July 10, 2011

[sand, sea & sun- Part 1]

These past 2 weekends, we have been making our way all the way East to enjoy the 3 S's by spending the whole day there. Now that the girls are older, only K needs her afternoon nap. And sometimes she can even go without.... We are finding it easier to just pack up enough activities for the whole day, almost like if we were on holiday! It definitely brings back memories of my own childhood, where our family with cousins will head down to ECP whenever there was somebody organising, and later when we were older, it became a tradition to while away the hours with dad while mum worked on her shift on a sunday.

It all started as we started the morning with all great intentions to bike around town, starting from HERE. Our friend's uber cool shop in a lesser known part (but becoming pretty trendy!) of town by the singapore river rents out bikes by the hour.
Unfortunately (or fortunately in this case), they didn't stock trainer wheel bikes, so that leave us without the option of having G bike together....
The girls were already all prepped up with wanting to go for a bike ride, so after a little bit of a wander around the area, we packed them up and headed off to East Coast Park.
Clowing around along Robertson Quay....
V took K on a bike - she absolutely loved it! It has to be the 1st time she remembers sitting on the bike. The last time we did this, she was probably too young to remember....
G had her own bike, as you can see from this expression, she was having the time of her life!

Watching G cycle around like a hyperactive spider!
Taking a much needed break by the sea.
Best place for a "potong" icecream
Ice cream eating style #1
Ice cream eating style #2
Ice cream eating style #3
They loved the trip out, we ended it off with a cooling off session at the nearby library... coming up next - our day out to ECP (again!) the following weekend!!
Just had to post this up too - every since G discovered Piano Lite app on the iPad, where she has been teaching herself how to play "my Grandfather's Clock" on the piano, she has been bugging us to teach her how to play it "properly". Here she is trying to get K to play a simpler song. So cute!

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